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Traditional Cot

Jonathan was asked to make a cot for a close friend that was expecting her first child.

The cot was constructed using recycled maple floorboards, mahogany from a damaged wardrobe and locally sourced oak. The cot included over 100 traditional mortice and tenon joints, food safe clear coating, removable (locking) front panel and the photo shows a very satisfied end user!

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VW T4 Campervan 

Our customer has owned his faithful VW T4 SWB for over 10 years and was showing a mileage of 300,000 miles!  The vehicle was a working vehicle and in 2020 he embarked upon a restoration including a full respray.  Mark approached us to create a custom campervan interior including cooking facilities, running water, toilet, TV, music, swivel seats and accommodation for himself, his girlfriend and large dog

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Stainless Steel Exhaust

Jonathans personal car is a 1985 Reliant Scimitar SS1.  Jonathan was keen to improve the standard exhaust system in preparation for performance modifications.  

We hand made a full stainless steel exhaust system

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Mankala Games Board

A close friend had seen our previous work on chessboards and asked us to make a Mankala Board.

These ancient game boards are difficult to find and we fabricated it from Oak and Mahogany incorporating a sliding drawer to contain the game pieces.

A specific router bit was obtained to create the dish shapes and dowelled joints were used throughout. 

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Live Edge Yew Clock

A local tree surgeon offered Jonathan a large plank of dried yew. The top of the plank had an attractive live edge shape.

The timber was planed and sanded revealing beautiful grain and colouring.

Complex router jigs were made to cut the 12 dashes for a clock symbol. The customer also wanted a logo engraved below the clock.

Knots and the graphics were filled with high quality epoxy resin.

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Epoxy Night Lamp

This extremely simple night lamp was made for a young girl who was afraid of the dark which was causing disrupted sleeping.  It used Epoxy, low voltage LED's and 9 sticks of hardwood timber

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Chess Board

An existing customer had admired our previous chessboards and commissioned us to make one for his nephew. The customer had high standards and a large budget and we relished the opportunity to create something really unique! 

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3d Clock

We combined our experience of end grain chopping boards and clocks to make this eye catching clock

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