We have experience with a wide range of site and bench carpentry with both traditional solid woods as well as modern materials including: -

* Solid wood doors
* Flooring
* Gates
* Resin river tables
* Games Boards
* Clocks
* Camper Van Interiors
* Fireplaces
* Furniture
and much more!


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We take influence from a huge range of specialisations including experts in resin river tables, end grain chopping boards, cabinet & Musical instrument makers, furniture restorers etc to expand our knowledge, applying these skills to each of our projects in an effort to innovate.

Whilst we take pride in traditional carpentry with hand tools we also understand that some projects can be improved by utilising modern tooling such as routers, CNC etc.  We love using good quality solid timbers such as Oak, Maple and Mahogany but there are times where this isn't appropriate and we will use our knowledge of plywood, MDF, Laminated boards and epoxy resins. 

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  • Tel: 07711800567
  • Address Gerwyn Fechan, Bangor-on-Dee, Wrexham, LL13 0LS

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